Integrative Approach and Costing

A combination of therapies may be used depending on the individual and dis-ease presented. For this reason it is easier to put a standard charge of £40 an hour, and as a rough guide most therapies last up to an hour. Mileage costs are 40p per mile if required to travel 10 miles outside of a Glastonbury radius.

Reiki Healing

Therapist(s): George McBurney, Livvy Adams

This therapy involves using healing energy on or above the physical body, using our seven main chakra points and a few minor ones (basically head to toe). This therapy can help with emotional, mental and physical issues and helps promote balance and harmony. Clients using the therapy rooms lie down on a massage style table, with just their shoes off. Animals are better receiving reiki in their own home, hands on or off – which is why this therapy is even suitable wild/rescue animals. After a few sessions of Reiki you may decide you wish to attend a Reiki workshop which allows you to use Reiki on yourself and others.


Therapist(s): George McBurney

This therapy involves using muscle tests to assess imbalances within the body. These can show up as physical or emotional issues.  Emotional issues can be addressed using psychological kinesiology (similar to tapping) or with other remedies.  Physical issues may require a visit to your GP.

Allergy Testing

Therapist(s): George McBurney

Muscle testing (kinesiology) is used to detect allergies or intolerance’s to common foods. Some clients bring in their suspected allergens to test along side standard testing kits e.g. cosmetics, toiletries etc. Milder allergic symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, skin problems, mood swings, bloating, asthma and possible links with chronic illnesses.

Essential Oil Therapy (for Animals only)

Therapist(s): George McBurney

This is a complementary therapy for animals working on a diagnosis of your vet. Essential Oil Therapy involves offering essential oils, hydrosols, clays and dried plants to help with emotional, behavioural and physical issues. Owners are taught how to offer oils to the animal and observe their behaviour. Using a slightly different method, this therapy can be very hands off, so is suitable for rescue shelters and wildlife rehabilitation. If interested, it may be more cost effective to look at attending an Essential Oil Workshop.

Intuitive Healing

Therapists (s): Livvy Adams,

This therapy involves working intuitively using a combination of reiki, crystals, massage, sound and Essential Oil Therapy.  This is offered for people and animals.