REIKI  –  “I’ve had quite a few reiki sessions now and have definitely felt many positive experiences from it. My main issue has been communication and I have already seen great improvements between sessions so much that I have made some major decisions. I am also seeing improvements in my health and feel much less … Continue reading Maggie, Weymouth

Maggie, Weymouth

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY (CATS)  –  “I have just had a Siamese in and she didn’t move for nearly 2 days – not eating or using the cat litter box or coming out of her bedroom. Put in the lavender toy next to her and within the hour she had eaten, poo’d and wee’d and played … Continue reading Stella Brading, Netherfield Cattery, Portland

Stella Brading, Netherfield Cattery, Portland

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY (FELINE) – “Georgina is a very approachable, professional person. I met her whilst she taught Science at the college I worked in. Her love of animals was very evident then, too. In her healing capacity, Georgina treated my cat when he was dying from kidney failure. He had been in some discomfort … Continue reading Ines, Weymouth

Ines, Weymouth

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY (EQUINE)  –  “I’m so glad I called you for help with Rube’s condition. Not only has her skin/coat improved so has her temperament! We no longer have a “Snapping Turtle” as we had begun to call her! Nor do we get the “touch me if you dare!” looks! We have a beautiful “red head” who … Continue reading Jules, Dorchester

Jules, Dorchester

REIKI  –  “My Braxton Hicks contractions were less intense and my previously severe pelvic girdle pain was almost non existent after your visit. I was very impressed xx” Helen, Amesbury

Helen, Amesbury

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY (FELINE)  –  “Mae has never really been one for toys, they are something that she’ll sniff at then bash under the sofa never to be seen again…this one [valerian] had something quite different about it though and it’s barely been out of her paws since it arrived…not only that but it does … Continue reading Laura, Blogger. A Daisy Chain Dream

Laura, Blogger. A Daisy Chain Dream

EQUINE FACILITATED LEARNING  –  “It has been quite an eye opening experience how horses react to ones energy. It was quite insightful what personality of horse reacted to me and which ones I felt drawn to. I found it very relaxing and calmed me down a lot. It even helped me to find answers and … Continue reading Britta, Portland

Britta, Portland

REIKI LEVEL I – “Emotional, but in a good way. A very calming day which has opened my eyes and heart to a positive future.” Linda, Torquay

Linda, Torquay

EQUINE FACILITATED LEARNING  –  “I discovered Juniper Natural Therapies through a like minded friend. I had the most irrational fear of horses and I needed to challenge this in a safe way. For me, the most valuable things I have learned is the bonding with and sensitivity of the horses. This in turn aids self … Continue reading Suzzanna, Charminster

Suzzanna, Charminster

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY/KINESIOLOGY (Distance) – “Happy New Year!! Just wanted to let you know that Bax has had blood tests which show his liver function is NORMAL!! Vet is thrilled and so am I. His steroid dose is right down now and he’ll have another review in a couple of months, but this is little … Continue reading Mary, Surrey

Mary, Surrey

ESSENTIAL OILS WORKSHOP (Beginners) – “Wow, what an eye opener to how a horse reacts to oils! Thank you George for such a well put together workshop. We spent the morning discussing the theory of the oils, including the legal regulations and learning how to dilute the essential oil in a carrier for offering to … Continue reading Jenny, Weymouth

Jenny, Weymouth

EQUINE FACILITATED LEARNING – I have attended about 3-4 equine assisted therapy sessions and come away astounded with the sensitive nature ponies have every time; I didn’t realise they’re emotionally intelligent and unassuming. It’s also safe to know the Facilitator is professional and experienced in her craft. I would absolutely recommend this to everyone – … Continue reading Suzzanna, Dorchester

Suzzanna, Dorchester