Laura, Blogger. A Daisy Chain Dream

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Mae with Valerian Herbal Fish

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY (FELINE)  –  “Mae has never really been one for toys, they are something that she’ll sniff at then bash under the sofa never to be seen again…this one [valerian] had something quite different about it though and it’s barely been out of her paws since it arrived…not only that but it does seem to have had an affect on her behaviour too, there’s been less climbing up the curtains and more chilling on her little sofa in the conservatory… ” – Laura, Blogger: A Daisy Chain Dream

“The herbal fish are not really toys, I just wanted a less messy way to introduce herbs to cats for some owners. I colour coordinated the fish to the herb, in this case brown was valerian. Then owners could easily see which herb was being selected. I expect that Mae will eventually stop selecting valerian, until its needed again” – George, Juniper Natural Therapies