Shushtar by George McBurney

The actual words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ are thought to originate from ‘Raku-Kei’ and are from the Japanese language. ‘Raku’ is the vertical energy flow (universal energy) and ‘Kei’ is the horizontal energy flow through the body (Life force).  Raki-Kei is the art and science of self-improvement used by ancient Tibetan Lamas and Buddhist monks dating back thousands of years. Reiki was later re-discovered in the 1800’s by Japanese scholar and traveller Dr Mikao Usui and subsequently known as The Usui System of Reiki.

The physical body has layers of energy around it and flowing within it. Blocks to the flow of energy can be caused by negative and repetitive thought patterns, emotions or reactions to experiences and can cause dis-ease or illness. Reiki energy is a powerful, high vibrational energy that works by raising the problem to be dealt with by the person, so that they themselves gain an understanding of their condition and the root cause of it. It can be a very liberating process.

This month I have been involved in creating a Reiki manual in preparation for my first Reiki students. It has been therapeutic experience and reflective as I remembered my own Reiki journey.  I remember I started off quite sceptical after my first attunement that nothing had happened. That was until I met a horse called Shushtar who was far more sensitive or connected than I was. I had gone to see natural horsemanship and he came over to investigate who was watching him. He sniffed both hands, then excitedly sniffed again before putting his head down for some healing. I obliged, a little bit taken aback and after 10 minutes he took a deep breath and walked away. I ended up doing a painting of Shushtar for his owner a year or so later and noted that Reiki seems to have improved my connection from the animal to the canvas, which I don’t think I had before.

It has been lovely to be involved in so many healing journeys since then, both animals and people, and to observe that everyone reacts differently to healing.  I have been mindful that some people do not wish for healing even, they remain with their dis-ease as it is serving them with a life purpose, and its not for me to judge what that may be.  I am excited about the next part of my Reiki journey, attuning students to start their own self healing journey.  Those drawn to healing often want to get started on healing others but Reiki level I is about healing self, once you are healed, you will have more overflow energy to heal others. This can bring up some feelings about self worth for people in the sense of putting themselves before others. One of my favourite writers offers the following affirmation:

Nourishing myself is a joyful experience and I am worth the time spent on my healing – Louise Hay

If anyone in and around the Dorchester (Dorset) area is interested in a Reiki session for themselves, their animal(s) or becoming attuned in Reiki (Usui System) please contact me for more details via the contact page. Thanks.